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How do I book my Senior Portrait Session?
~ Session dates and times are reserved on a first come, first served basis. Our calendar tends to fill quickly when the Fall sports pictures start in August. To assure that you get the date and time that you would like, please call our office at 740.671.1500. A booking deposit, which will be credited to your session fee, will be required.

How much does it cost to book my Senior Portrait Session? ~ The session booking deposit varies with each session. The booking deposit for the In Studio session is $75, the In and Out session booking deposit is $100, the Outside on Location booking deposit is $150 and the Double the Fun session booking deposit is $200. All session booking deposits will be credited to your session amount. You may pay the booking deposit here.

Questions about the Photo Shoot:

How many outfits may I bring? ~ There is no limit on the amount of outfits, but, changing outfits take time. The more time that you are changing outfits is less time in front of the camera.

What should I do about blemishes on the day of my senior portrait photo shoot?
~ Ideally, NOTHING! Our facial editing process can zap blemishes better than you can cover them with concealment or makeup. Using a little makeup for color around your eyes or to give your cheek bones some definition is fine. anything beyond that is counter productive to our facial editing process and making your face look as natural as possible.

Should my finger nails be clean or freshly painted? ~ Yes! The hands are an important part of different poses.

Should I shave? ~ That depends on the look that you are going for. Stubble on the face (and underarm) is difficult to remove during editing.

Should I tan or get a new hair style before the photo shoot? ~ Be careful! Sun burn is almost impossible to remove during editing. A fresh haircut or style is always good for pictures but make sure it is to your liking. Remember that the purpose of senior portraits is to capture how you look at this point in your life. These, more than any other pictures, will be with you for a long time. I wouldn't want you to look back asking yourself what you were thinking when you had your hair colored/styled the way you did.

What if it rains the day of my photo shoot?
~ If the weather does not permit us to proceed with your photo shoot, we will reschedule it for the next available date that is convenient for you.